I don't know the way to San Jose.

By Teresa Koltzenburg |
LITA 2005 National Forum San JoseBut I will find it later today, and much easier than I would have back in 1968 when Dionne won the Grammy for one of my favorite Bacharach tunes--thanks to technology. I'm attending the LITA 2005 National Forum, and it will be my first one ever. My first time to San Jose too.

Lots of good sessions in store, and the Blogging Network Dinner on Saturday night may be shaping up to be a who's who in the Biblioblogosphere.

Sessions on electronic resource management (presented by Andrew Pace and Stephen Meyer from North Carolina State University), RSS, and Google's digitization project are very timely. In addition, Brad Eden will be presenting "3D Information Visualization: An Introduction and Practical Applications" on Saturday. Brad authored an issue of Library Technology Reports on the 2D/3D visualization topic earlier this year.

I won't be attending any of the preconference sessions, but to anyone that attends the "Moving Image Collections" session later today (presented by Grace Agnew from Rutgers and Jane Johnson, Library of Congress) I would be very interested to hear about the session via comments.

Also of a more personal interest to me is the "Life Maps: Making Genealogy Come Alive for Your Patrons" due to the fact, mainly, that all three presenters (Marcy Allen, Brian Clark, and William Thompson, all three of whom I've never met) are from Western Illinois University, my undergrad alma mater, where, a long time ago, I used to work in the library. The topic, too, sounds engaging. Genealogy technology tools... popular and what an offering for patrons... hmmm... a future issue of LTR?