Here comes THE TECH SET!

By Patrick Hogan |

If you’ve been watching M&A activity in the library-literature space, you know that Neal-Schuman joined ALA Publishing back in December. Among the plums are the 10 new titles for THE TECH SET. The authors of books 1-10, Series Editor Ellyssa Kroski, and the Neal-Schuman staff were honored with the ABC-CLIO/Greenwood Award for the Best Books in Library Literature. Following this success comes the next set, ready for the printer, with June pub dates. Here’s what Ellyssa and her team of authors have worked up for you.

Ellyssa’s vision for THE TECH SET is to offer accessible, practical guidance for librarians not only to use new technologies individually but also to join colleagues in implementing library services with them. The new books will be similar in format and structure to the original set. In response to reader feedback, Ellyssa directed authors to add chapters on “Social Mechanics,” gaining buy-in from organization stakeholders, and “Developing Trends,” addressing future direction of technologies.

Did you miss the first 10 TECH SET books? Buy all 20 books and save 40 percent or $460. You will get a one-stop, build-out on tech for your library’s professional collection and save money. To purchase, go to the Neal-Schuman Store, add titles 1-10 and titles 11-20 to your shopping cart and use coupon code TS112.