Hectic Pace Launches; ALA Annual Underway in New Orleans

By Teresa Koltzenburg | Andrew K. Pace lauched his new blog for American Libraries, 'Hectic Pace' in time for ALA Annual 2006.Congratulations to Andrew Pace and American Libraries on the launch of Andrew's new blog, "Hectic Pace" (just in time for ALA Annual in New Orleans!). Starts off Andrew:
    When I was a kid, I hated when people made puns out of my name—keep up the pace, do you like picante sauce?, your parents must have been pacemakers. Those of you with punnable names will sympathize with the one-sided hilarious laughter that usually followed such a pun, as if it were being made for the very first time. Groan.

    So it was with some reluctance that I came to accept "Hectic Pace" as a name for my first solo blog, but I finally acquiesced—as a companion to my "Technically Speaking" column, hectic was a pretty good moniker. If you've seen me on the vendor floor at ALA, you would agree that hectic is fitting. When I mentioned the proposed title to family and colleagues, they nodded, obviously more accustomed to my obsessive-compulsive multi-tasking personality than I myself was. And, of course, coming to grips with the title was a great distraction from the fact that I was finally agreeing to blog.

Andrew's new blog also has a technology focus, so ALA now has three (count 'em!) blogs tracking technology (ALA TechSource, Hectic Pace, and the LITA Blog).

Getting down in New Orleans! Welcome ALAers!Speaking of ALA...
Despite a flight delay (for at least two flights I know of out of O'Hare in Chicago to New Orleans), many of us arrived in New Orleans in high spirits and ready to get this historic ALA Annual Conference underway. While many of us waited for our luggage in baggage claim earlier this evening, we were treated to the sounds of the Soul Rebels Brass Band (see picture). Check out ALA TS's Flickr spot for more pix from New Orleans at flickr.com/photos/alatechsourceblog.

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