Go High-Tech on a Tight Budget: A Reading List from Maurice Coleman and Robin Hastings

By Daniel A. Freeman |

Do you want to upgrade the technology in your library, but you don't have any money to do so? It's a pretty common problem, and in their new workshop, Maurice Coleman and Robin Hastings will show you how to take your tech to the next level without breaking the bank, or in some cases reduce your spending.

Whether you planning to attend or not, check out this reading list they created. Some items are available for free on the web, some require payement or subscriptions. No matter what type of library you're at, you should be able to find something helpful in this list!

The workshops takes place in two 90-minute parts on Wednesdays, February 1st and 8th, 2012 at 2pm Eastern. You can register at the ALA Store at both individual and group rates.