eContent Quarterly Preview Issue Ready for Download

By Patrick Hogan |

ALA TechSource has launched the new eContent Quarterly with a free preview issue announced at Annual Conference. Sue Polanka and Mirela Roncevic are coeditors.

On the heels of the No Shelf Required 2 book, Sue Polanka was ready to try a new approach to covering the dynamic e-book marketplace for libraries. Not wanting to go it alone, she thought of Mirela, who had impressed her with outstanding editorial direction during their collaboration on an IGI book. She persuaded Mirela to join her as coeditor, and they proposed the digital journal to ALA. Mirela covered the e-book market for Library Journal. A contributor to Sue’s No Shelf Required blog, she wrote the Library Technology Report "E-Book Platforms in Libraries," which covers offerings from 51 leading e-book vendors.

In a fast-changing marketplace like e-books in libraries, confusion reins. The goal of eContent Quarterly is to bring together the voices of vendors and librarians in one publication and lend some clarity. The first issue is slated for publication in September. We’ll be taking orders in a couple weeks in the ALA Store.

Until then, we invite you to download a shorter, preview issue, available in PDF, epub, and mobi formats, and featuring:

Imagine Easy Solutions co-founder Neal Taparia’s account of how customer use of the popular EasyBib citation tool inspired the new information-literacy product ResearchReady.

Reviews of ResearchReady from community college librarian Ari Sigal and teacher-librarian Shannon McClintock Miller.

The story of Dayton Metro Library’s e-reader and e-book lending program for the homebound, written by Outreach Services Manager Rachel A. Gut