Early Pre-Welcome from K.G. Schneider

By Karen G. Schneider | Karen Schneider HeadI see we've had a couple of technical problems getting the blog started. This greatly concerns me, because out there in LibraryLand, everything works right the first time, particularly with computers, which are, after all, labor-saving devices.

In any event, consider this post a preliminary welcome (in other words, I wrote it while I was procrastinating about housework). So my readers can see what I look like when I'm not at my day job maintaining Librarians' Index to the Internet (where I arrive to my home office 25 feet across the patio wearing coffee-stained sweatpants and a particularly odious pair of slippers I refuse to discard), I have uploaded a grainy picture of myself with current haircolor but dated glasses. That last bit is to confuse the feds in case they FOIA TechSource. Well, all right: the only other picture I have of myself has the wrong hair color, too. If only I were better at PhotoShop.

I am impressed that Michael has thought about what he is going to be writing in this forum. I have only been thinking in terms of the launch of this venture, wondering "On this four-person writing team, can I be 'Posh Spice'?" and "Who's going to take a better picture of me?" At work I've been a little distracted by an upcoming system migration--o.k., perhaps "a little distracted" is an understatement. One friend wrote to say she didn't like one of the site colors, and I seriously regressed, typing back, "OMG!!! You HAVE 2 like the colors, you HAVE 2!" Not a good sign. After all, if she doesn't like the new site design SHE CAN JUST VISIT SOME *OTHER* WEBSITE, CAN'T SHE? But soon the migration will be all over, and then I can either bask in largely undeserved praise or, if it goes badly, change my name to something less controversial, such as Michael Brown.

Meanwhile, I'm glad to be writing under the ALA umbrella again, excited to be part of this team, and look forward to this fun, new venture. (Please, can I be "Posh," huh, please?)