Curating Social Media Content

By Andromeda Yelton |

While listening to the obligatory NPR in the car today, I heard a story on creating a social media scrapbook using Memolane. It lets you integrate content from Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, photo- and video-sharing sites, and more into a timeline view of your social media life.

Which got me to thinking: if libraries have a unique value proposition in curating community content, as I see people saying more and more these days, wouldn’t this (or something like it) be a neat tool for doing it? I’m picturing a library not only aggregating its own social media, but making collections of local content -- say, my local public library along wtih my town’s twitter feed and Facebook page. Or more themed, indie-flavored ones (local artists and art events? local restaurants?).

Memolane is geared toward people collecting their own accounts so you need a login for all the accounts you add, making it not quite the right tool for making community collections, but you can see an example of a school’s timeline. According to ReadWriteWeb there’s a bunch of similar services springing up.

Anyone know of libraries curating local social media content?