Continuing the Conversation: Making Mobile Services Work for Your Library

By Daniel A. Freeman |

Earlier today, we held the ALA TechSource Workshop Making Mobile Services Work for Your Library with Cody Hanson. There was some great discussion in this workshop, and we want to follow up on that with a few of the questions asked during the presentation that we felt merited further discussion: Cody will be part of the discussion as well!

  • If you don’t own a smartphone, are there good emulators or simulators that can show you what your site looks like on a mobile device?
  • When we talk about mobile library services, are we just talking about making the library site more mobile friendly, or are we talking about more--services like reference on mobile devices, etc.
  • If you have a mobile app or mobile site, are there concerns about its accessibility?
  • What are some examples of chat services for mobile devices and their use in libraries?

You can also chime in on Twitter. The Hashtag is #librarymobile

Links to Resources that Cody Mentioned today:

Cody's Slides