Continuing the Conversation: Integrating iPads and Tablet Computers into Library Services

By Daniel A. Freeman | We just wrapped up our popular workshop Integrating iPads and Tablet Computers into Library Services. Today’s workshop was particularly noteworthy in light of Apple’s recent rollout of the iPad 3.

The readings, resources and slides for the event are listed below. Have further questions or comments? Whether you participated in the event or not, feel free to chime in via the comments area below!

The Readings for This’s Workshop:

Part 1 Resources:

Resources Mentioned

Sample Policies

Sample Library User Agreements

Sample Library Communication Pages


Part 2 Resources:

General Resources
Reference Use: The Literature

  • Brown, C., Sulz, D., and Pow, V.  (2011, August).  Roving reference with iPads:  A study of the use of iPads as technological support and service assessment.  Paper presented at the annual conference of the International Federation of Library Associations, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Retrieved from
  • Courtois, M. and Liriano, M. (2000).  Tips for roving reference:  How to best serve library users.  College & Research Libraries News, 61(4):  289-90, 315.
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The Slides From Session 1:

The Slides From Session 2:

Apps Covered in the Presentation: