Continuing the Conversation: Integrating E-Books and E-Readers into the Library, with Sue Polanka

By Patrick Hogan |

We just wrapped up the first session of the ALA TechSource Workshop Integrating E-Books and E-Readers Into Your Library with Sue Polanka. We’ll post a few questions and referenced resources here.  Do you have follow-up questions from session 1? Do you have questions you’d like to see addressed in session 2? General questions or the need for clarification? Go ahead and ask them in the comments area!


 Do you think there is a case for e-book aggregators reducing the e-book list price due to volume purchase, like book vendors do?

 Can you suggest tools to weigh costs of purchase vs subscribe?

 Do you know of a model for accepting patron donations of ebooks?

 How will ILL be impacted by eBooks?

Sue’s Resources

ALA TechSource Reading List for the workshop -

E-books and Libraries:  A Stream of Concerns by Meredith Farkas -

COSLA Report (public libraries; also on Reading List)–

No Shelf Required: E-books in Libraries, ALA Editions, 2011

Patron Driven Acquisitions:  History of Best Practices, De Gruyter, 2011

 Also of interest, Library Journal report on Freeding: “New Ebook Service Launched, Takes Its Inspiration from Freegal,”

 Sue’s Slides on Scribd.