Continuing the Conversation: Gadgets in the Library

By Daniel A. Freeman |

Earlier today, we held the ALA TechSource Workshop Gadgets in the Library: A Practical Guide to Personal Electronics for Librarians with Jason Griffey. We’re following up with a few of the questions asked during the presentation that we felt merited further discussion: Jason will be part of the discussion as well!

  • How accessible are tablet and mobile devices for people with disabilities? Is there a particular manufacturer that stands out?
  • How are libraries handling the problems posed by multiple users using these personal devices - for example clearing an iPad in between users to ensure patron privacy and securing content, etc.?
  • Are there shortcuts for building a mobile app for your library, or companies that cater to the library market?

You can also chime in on Twitter. The hashtag is #libgadgets

Links to Resources that Jason Mentioned today:




Reader Apps to check out

iBooks (Apple iBookstore & PDFs)
Google Books (Google Books online)
Kindle (Amazon Kindle store)
Instapaper (web text)
ComicZeal4 (comics)
Inkling (textbooks)
KoboHD (Kobo books)
Nook (Barnes & Noble books)
Goodreader (All sorts of documents, does PDF Annotation)

The preliminary readings for this workshop were:

Jason Griffey, Gadgets and Gizmos: Personal Electronics and the Library, Chapters 1 and 2:

The Enterprise Deployment Guide for iOS:

Buffy Hamilton's blog entries about rolling out Kindles:

Meredith Farkas’ Fine Print:

Jason Griffey, blog post on DRM:

Jason’s Slides: