Continuing the Conversation: Evaluating and Implementing Web Scale Discovery Services in Your Library (Part 2)

By Daniel A. Freeman |

We just wrapped up the second session of the ALA TechSource Workshop Evaluating and Implementing Web Scale Discovery Services in Your Library with Jason Vaughan and Tamera Hanken. The presentation included some fantastic discussion, and we wanted to provide an opportunity for participants and the general public to continue that here.

Here are a few questions  that came up in today’s event:

  • Can you elaborate in what ways known-item searching is limited by the discovery product?
  • Does the Discovery service act to replace the link-resolver or does it rely on the link-resolver to function?
  • What's the relationship between a discovery service and an Electronic Resource Management System? Do you have an ERM along with the discovery service?
  • Would participation in LOCKSS affect Web Scale Discovery Services?

The preliminary readings for this event were:

Jason Vaughan, Web Scale Discovery Services, Library Technology Reports Volume 47, Number 1, Chapters 1 and 6 (both available for free):

Marshall Breeding's Article on Discovery Services from the March Issue of Smart Libraries Newsletter:

Presentation that Jason Mentioned During the Event:

“Implementing Web-Scale Discovery Service in an Academic Research Library,” LITA National Forum 2010 presentation by Tammy Allgood, Web Services Librarian. Arizona State University

Jason and Tamera’s Slides
Evaluating and Implementing Web Scale Discovery Services: Part 2