Continuing the Conversation: Creating Subject Guides for a 21st Century Library

By Daniel A. Freeman |

We just wrapped up the ALA TechSource Workshop Creating Subject Guides for the 21st-Century Library with Buffy Hamilton. We had some fantastic discussion during this event, and because the session was so jam-packed with content, Buffy wasn’t able to answer all of the great questions participants had. Below are some questions for continued discussion. Buffy will be responding in the comments--whether you attended or not, feel free to join the conversation!


  • Can you give a specific example of curation?  Would Yahoo Pipes be a curation tool?
  • I'm not familiar with social citation; can you explain how it works or name some services?
  • How much does a subscription to LibGuides cost?
  • What exactly do you mean that curation is the new buzzword?  Can you define it or is it really self explanatory?  Creating digital collections?
  • Your Lib Guide must be mobile-device aware, as well, yes? More and  more the subject guide will be accessed via a mobile device.
  • Can you speak to the usability considerations? I know libguides tends to fail usability tests...

The Preliminary Readings from Today’s Event


Resources from Today’s Event

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