Continuing the Conversation: Building the Digital Branch

By Daniel A. Freeman |


We just wrapped up David Lee King’s Workshop Building the Digital Branch: Designing Effective Library Websites. We’re following up with a few of the questions asked during the presentation that we felt merited further discussion. Whether you attended or not, feel free to join in this discussion of the most effective ways to build and use library websites via the comments area. David will be part of the discussion as well!
  • Why did you choose wordpress over drupal or other CMS's? What are good criteria to use in selecting a CMS?
  • How do you deal with prioritizing content on the homepage? How do you handle fights over real estate?
  • How do you measure the outcomes of your website changes? Google Analytics? logs. Have you seen improvement to areas that were underused?
  • What do you use to get website beta feedback from patrons?
  • How do you adapt the website for mobile users?

Links to Resources that David Mentioned today:

MindManager Software:
Google Analytics:
Topeka and Shawnee County Library Website:

The preliminary readings for this workshop were:

David’s Slides:
Building the Digital Branch: Presentation
David’s Handouts:
Building the Digital Branch: Handout 1 Building the Digital Branch: Handout 2 Building the Digital Branch: Handout 3