Birthday Muses

By Tom Peters | Happy birthday to the ALA TechSource Blog, which turned one-year old today. My great colleague Lori Bell, of the Alliance Library System, commented to me that she thought my dog Max had emerged this year as my bona fide muse. I often think about library and information technology issues as Max and I take our daily, early morning walks through the neighborhood.

Max the MuseSo, to honor my muse, I asked Max which walk was his favorite during the past twelve months. He fondly recalled a May morning when an entire family of raccoons sauntered across the darkened street before our wakening eyes.

Raccoons probably are much more fun to chase than rabbits and cats, so Max was barking loudly and frantically tugging at his leash. It must have been a Tuesday morning, because all the trash was curbside, which undoubtedly attracted the raccoons.

Max almost began drooling as he remembered that memorable morning of strange little critters and the smorgasbord of smells.

Max thinks the next big frontier for library and information technology will be the largely unexplored realm (scroll down to abstract 13) of digital olfactory sensations. In fact, he and I are working on a mashup that will incorporate a top-secret, scratch-and-sniff technology. That hint should get the Google goons sniffing around our house!
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