Audio from GLLS2007: We’re in Ur Library Bein Ur Books: Book-Based RPGs with Middle

By Jenny Levine | By Kit Ward-Crixell
Presented July 23, 2007

Kit Ward-Crixell talks about role playing fiction games in LiveJournal "If you turned LiveJournal upside down and shook it, Harry Potter role-playing games [RPGs] would fall out. An LJer myself, I was intrigued when I read this characterization of LJ and went on a cursory search of LiveJournal communities. Not only did I find hundreds of RPGs based on the fictional world of JK Rowling, I found a myriad of RPGs based on other books, or RPGs in which characters from different authors' works interact. LiveJournal, a blogging website and online community, is also a hotspot of book-based role-playing.

Although there's no way to determine the ages of the people creating and playing these games, many of them appear to be kids and teens. In other words, many, many kids are using their free time to write, and read other people's writing about, book characters. For fun. Could this get any better?

Yes, if your library gets in on it!" More info....

Listen to an MP3 audio file of this session (35MB, 38:01)

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