Audio from GLLS2007: Tournament Games for Any Occasion: Choosing the Right Games for Your Audience

By Jenny Levine | By Eli Neiburger
Presented July 23, 2007

Eli Neiburger talks about how to implement gaming tournaments "To a non-hardcore gamer, navigating the complex game software space can be daunting. There are so many platforms, formats, genres, sub-genres, super-genres, ratings, blockbusters, sleepers, clones, also-rans, and just plain lousy games that choosing the right one to really draw a crowd is a challenge. This session will examine different types of gaming audiences you may wish to attract, from the casual to the hopelessly hardcore, and how to choose the games that best suit them and your organization. We'll also discuss tournament formats that work well for each type of game to help you plan successful gaming programs for a wide range of audiences." More info....

Listen to an MP3 audio file of this session (38MB, 41:10)

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