Audio from GLLS2007: Libraries Get a Second Life and Off the Beaten Path

By Jenny Levine | By Tom Peters, Lori Bell, John Kirriemuir
Presented July 23, 2007

John Kirriemuir, Lori Bell, and Tom Peters talk about Second Life Libraries Get a Second Life: "First lives are often busy enough but a second one can allow you to be anyone you want! Alliance Library System started the Second Life Library in April 2006. We have found that people in virtual worlds do want libraries, and even books. We have offered some traditional and some new services. This program will cover how we got started, what works and what does not work. Tom Peters and Lori Bell will discuss the project. " More info....

Off the Beaten Track: "A growing number of 'real world' organisations, such as libraries, colleges, embassies, and news media, have established a 'presence' in Second Life. These range from small buildings, to outdoor conferences and whole islands. Many sectors have highly publicised areas on the grid which provide an additional point of contact, or presence, for a real-world library organisation. This presentation, part of an ongoing survey, covers a sample of some of these libraries that are 'off the beaten track'." More info....

Listen to an MP3 audio file of this session (88MB, 1:35:11)

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