Audio from GLLS2007: Getting Gaming on the Table, In the Conversation and Running at Locations

By Jenny Levine | By Julie Scordato
Presented July 23, 2007

Julie Scordato talks about implementing gaming at Columbus Public Library "How do you get a library from 'Surely you can't mean video games at my library?' to, “When am I getting video games at my library!”

In December 2006, the Columbus Metropolitan Library Board of Trustees approved a budget of $25,000 to bring gaming equipment to each of its 21 locations as a major teen services programming initiative. This presentation will look at how we went from sending two librarians to the Chicago MLS gaming symposium in December 2005 to unrolling gaming system wide for Teen Tech Week 2007.

The focus is on cultivating staff buy-in from teen services staff and branch managers to resounding support from administration. It's a "How do you get from here to there with gaming in a large system?" discussion. Focus will be on verbal presentation and how to convince staff in person, at meetings and in other venues that gaming is a vibrant addition to library service for teens. We will also cover gaining support through formal proposals. Creating the right kind of proposal can go a long way getting administrations on board. I'll cover main themes to think about when creating the proposal that will appeal to your organization." More info....

Listen to an MP3 audio file of this session (25MB, 27:46)

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