Exploring Human Origins for Seminaries: Virtual Training Videos

Virtual Training Videos

Below are training videos for hosting the Exploring Human Origins exhibit. Please feel free to reach out to ALA's Public Programs Office at publicprograms@ala.org if you have any follow-up questions after viewing the videos. References in the videos to “libraries” also apply to seminary hosts. However, there are some elements of the videos that apply to the libraries but do not apply to the seminaries. These will be noted.

Closed captions are available for each video by clicking on the "cc" icon in the lower toolbar of the video screen. Time lengths for each video are included with the title below.

Meet the Project Team (6:24)

In this video, you will be introduced to the project team from the National Museum of Natural History and the American Library Association who are working on the Exploring Human Origins grant.

Goals of the Exhibit (13:31)

This video will explain the project goals for the traveling exhibit, Exploring Human Origins.

Main Messages of the Exhibition (19:32)

This video contains an overview of what the main messages and key takeaways are within the Exploring Human Origins exhibit.

Overview of Exhibit Components (19:51)

In this video, we will walk you through the panels in the Exploring Human Origins exhibit.

Smithsonian Programs Overview (7:16)

This training video focuses on the required programs that are part of the Exploring Human Origins grant that will be led by the Human Origins Program team from the National Museum of Natural History. Note: A science educators workshop will not ordinarily be a program offered at theological seminaries nor will a set of skulls be provided. The exception will be seminaries associated with Universities that have education programs for secondary school or science teachers.

Seminary Community Conversation (1:18)

This training video describes what the seminary community conversation will entail.

5 Tips for Planning Great Programs (8:58)

In this video, you will learn some helpful tips for planning and hosting programs at your library.

Tour Logistics (8:45)

This video will walk you through some important tour logistics including a timeline of due dates, exhibition security, insurance, etc.

Resources for Host Sites (9:02)

This video contains information about resources available for host sites including the Site Support Notebook and ALA Connect online discussion community.

Evaluation (1:58)

In this video, Jim Miller describes the several ways that host seminaries will provide evaluations of presence of the exhibition and related programming on their campuses.

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