Exploring Human Origins Site Support Notebook for Seminaries: Publicity

Table of Contents

  1. Graphic Materials
  2. Press Materials
  3. Social Media Hashtags and Handles
  4. Credit Statement and Sponsor Acknowledgment
  5. Logos
  6. Promotional Photos

The NMNH Human Origins Program and ALA created the following promotional materials for seminaries and schools participating in the Exploring Human Origins tour.

Graphic Materials

Each graphic material is available in the following formats: packaged InDesign files with fonts and images; idml files (in case you are working with different versions of InDesign); PDF and jpg files, where appropriate, to show how the content is laid out; and blank PDF and jpg files, as appropriate, to be edited in Acrobat, Photoshop, or some other image editing software to include your seminary's logo.

Press Materials

The following templates can be used to share the news that your seminary is a host site for Exploring Human Origins. Many of these materials are designed as templates with blank spaces. You may customize them by adding your own seminary's information, location, goals for the exhibit and quotes, as shown in [BRACKETED TEXT].

Note: You are welcome to edit these documents to meet your needs, but please keep NMNH and ALA acknowledgments, tags, and hashtags in place.

Social Media Hashtags and Handles

If you create your own social media posts, please use the hashtag #ExploringHumanOrigins. This will help your posts get national visibility.

Please tag the NMNH Human Origins Program and ALA using the following handles:

NMNH Human Origins Program

American Library Association:

Credit Statement and Sponsor Acknowledgment

Official credit statement: Exploring Human Origins: Promoting a National Conversation on Human Evolution is administered by ALA’s Public Programs Office in collaboration with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History’s (NMNH) Human Origins Program.

The official credit statement should appear on printed and other visual materials related to the exhibition, including press releases, brochures, publications, invitations, program flyers, advertisements, press kits, announcements, websites and posters, when space permits. It should appear in a type size that is readable and appropriate to the overall design. Include logos if space permits (see below).

At press events and in public programs: The exhibition sponsors should be acknowledged orally at the beginning and end of press conferences, public programs, and other public events connected with the exhibition and at the beginning and end of radio or television interviews.

Local sponsor credits: Local sponsor credit must follow the Exploring Human Origins exhibition credit line and be in a type size no larger than the exhibition credit. The exception is materials or programs entirely supported by another funding source. In those cases, it is still necessary for the credit line or logos to appear, but the additional sponsor’s credit may appear first and in a larger size.


Please use the Smithsonian and ALA logos on materials wherever possible, especially on smaller PR pieces where the credit line does not fit. Host sites are authorized to use these logos for Exploring Human Origins purposes only for the duration of the project.

If you need additional file types beyond what is listed below, please email publicprograms@ala.org.

Please direct questions about logo usage to publicprograms@ala.org.

Promotional Photos

Host sites are authorized to use specific images in publicity for programs. These images are to be used for noncommercial or educational activities and promotion of the Exploring Human Origins exhibition at the specified venues hosting the exhibit. Commercial use of any image for profit in another publication, edition, format, or language is prohibited.

Host sites may authorize newspapers and other media to use the images for exhibit publicity only. If host sites use other images, they are responsible for obtaining permissions if they are necessary.

Host sites may not reformat, redesign, or otherwise alter the images. Host sites may print color images in black-and-white.

All images must be accompanied by the ownership credits provided with the image.

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