A collage of library-themed items including a Snoopy "READ" poster, bookmarks, books, buttons, and a reading planner.

ALA Store at 2024 ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition

Located in Lobby E near Registration, the ALA Store will offer a wide range of posters, bookmarks, clothing, gift books, professional development resources and more during the 2024 ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition. Store hours are: Friday, June 28: 12...

book cover for Strengthening Library Ecosystems: Collaborate for Advocacy and Impact

Strengthening library ecosystems using One Voice

CHICAGO — A patron of one library is the potential patron of any other library at a different time of life or location. And though each library serves its own unique community, when different kinds of libraries speak together with one voice, the entire...

book cover for Winning Grants, Third Edition

An updated toolkit for winning grants

CHICAGO — Newly updated and comprehensive, the third edition of “ Winning Grants,” published by ALA Neal-Schuman, is a must-have for library directors, grant writers, board members, consultants, and anyone navigating the intricacies of library grant...

book cover for Prepared Libraries, Empowered Teams: A Workbook for Navigating Intellectual Freedom Challenges Together

A workbook for navigating intellectual freedom challenges

CHICAGO — Whether a book challenge is upon you, on the horizon, in your rearview mirror, or not yet in sight, now is the time to start envisioning what a challenge-ready team looks like in your organization. “ Prepared Libraries, Empowered Teams: A...

book cover for “Checklist of Library Building Design Considerations

Essential checklist of library building design considerations

CHICAGO — With staff time at a premium, and library budgets that leave little room for overages, undertaking a successful library building or renovation project requires precision planning, effective communication, and focused coordination. Using a...

book cover for “The Networked Librarian: The School Librarian's Role in Fostering Connections, Collaboration and Co-creation Across the Community"

The networked school librarian

CHICAGO — School librarians need to engage with their staff and community to help define their role, raise their profile, and make a real impact. Whether you’re a solo school librarian, a team member, or a team leader, you’ll find practical advice about...

Book cover: The Readers' Advisory Guide to Street Literature

An updated guide to street lit and urban fiction

CHICAGO — Addressing with unflinching grit the concerns and problems of city living and survival in the United States, street lit encompasses some of the most in-demand titles in American public libraries’ collections. The thoroughly revised second...

cover of The Practical Handbook of Library Architecture: Creating Building Spaces that Work, Second Edition, available at the ALA Store.

Newly updated handbook of library architecture

The second edition of “The Practical Handbook of Library Architecture,” published by ALA Editions, covers everything from planning completely new library buildings to small remodeling projects. Library directors, board members, and planning professionals will want this newly updated resource close at hand before, during, and after any library construction project. With a dash of humor, authors Fred Schlipf, Joe Huberty, and John A. Moorman point out many common dysfunctional ideas that have managed to permeate library buildings, using them to guide readers towards adhering to functional essentials of library design at every step in the process.

product image for The Big Sourcebook of Free and Low-Cost Library Programming: 300+ Resources, Ideas, and Tools, available in the ALA Store.

New e-book spotlights free and low-cost library programming

There’s no need to spend hours trying to come up with creative programming ideas—bestselling library activity guru Ellyssa Kroski has already done all the hard work for you! Largely drawn from contributions by library workers across the country, “The Big Sourcebook of Free and Low-Cost Library Programming: 300+ Resources, Ideas, and Tools,” published by ALA Editions, is a cornucopia of ideas for inspiring countless fun and engaging programs at your library. Best of all, these exciting low cost/no-cost library programs can be implemented using only free resources.

Liberatory Librarianship: Stories of Community, Connection, and Justice, available at the ALA Store

Liberatory Librarianship

How does librarianship help people to be free? How is library capacity and expertise used to increase freedom, justice, and community? “Liberatory Librarianship: Stories of Community, Connection, and Justice,” published by ALA Editions in collaboration with Core, unpacks these questions, and many others, to reveal ways that library workers and their institutions are applying skills, knowledge, abilities, professional ethics, and personal commitment to practice liberatory librarianship.

Universal Design for Learning in Academic Libraries, available at the ALA Store

New from ACRL - “Universal Design for Learning in Academic Libraries: Theory into Practice”

The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) announces the publication of “Universal Design for Learning in Academic Libraries: Theory into Practice,” edited by Danielle Skaggs and Rachel M. McMullin. It includes lesson plans and strategies for the wide range of instructional activities that occur in academic libraries, including in-person, online, synchronous, asynchronous, and research help, as well as different types of academic library work such as access services and leadership.

Michelle Demeter headshot

Michelle Demeter Appointed College & Research Libraries Editor

ACRL announces the appointment of Michelle Demeter, head of instruction and undergraduate services at New York University, to the post of editor for College & Research Libraries (C&RL). Demeter will serve as editor-designate for the journal beginning July 1, 2024, and begin an initial three-year term as editor on July 1, 2025.

Introduction to Documentation Studies, available at the ALA Store.

Introduction to Documentation Studies

What do a composer, a writer, a painter, a historian, a political activist, and a social agency office have in common? They all create documents to communicate and inform the world, making documentation a necessity for any human interaction in society. Published by Facet Publishing and available through the ALA Store, “Introduction to Documentation Studies” outlines the historical background of, and the theoretical foundation for a complementary approach to documentation issues and processes.

New 'Field Guides' column from policy experts to explore key library issues

The American Library Association (ALA) announced a new column in American Libraries magazine, “Field Guides,” featuring experts in policy areas ranging from artificial intelligence and copyright to digital access and equity. The new column will provide ALA members, library advocates, and library professionals in all settings with insights into the policy issues facing the field today – and tomorrow.