Twitter Block Creation

To create a Twitter block, follow these steps: 

  1. Click the “Login” user menu link and log in as the Admin User. 
  2. From the admin toolbar, click the "Structure" link. 
  3. Click the "Blocks" link.
  4. Scroll to view Twitter Feed block list.
  5. Click on the configure link.
  6. Add an optional “Block title”. 
  7. Enter the Twitter username or hashtag with the format: @username  or #hashtag
  8. Select the number of tweets to display.
  9. Enter the path to the pages to show block on.
  10. Set the region to display block in from the V2 dropdown to “Secondary”.
  11. Leave Bootstrap setting as “none”.
  12. Click on "Save Block" at bottom of page
  13. From the admin toolbar, click the "Structure" link. 
  14. Click the "Context" link. 
  15. Locate inner_pages_blocks and click edit. Alternately for roundtables: Locate "Roundtables" sections page context (example: "ifrt").
  16. Click "edit" in right-hand menu.
  17. Under "Reactions" click "Blocks."
  18. Locate and select the new block you created in step 12 in Blocks menu.
  19. Add it to the "Secondary" region using "Add" button.
  20. Save context.
  21. Navigate to back to the page.
  22. Confirm that the new block is now visible.