Tab Groups

Use Tab Groups to set a path to assemble and display a series of blocks on your microsite. It works best if you create Tabs before creating a Tab Group.

To create a Tab Group, follow these steps:

  1. Log in and click the “Content” link in the admin menu.
  2. Click the “+ Add content” link.
  3. Click the “Tab Group” link.
  4. Add a name for the Tab Group in the “Title” field. It doesn't display on the website, but is used to locate the Tab Group for editing.
  5. Select the Tabs that you would like to include in your tab group.
  6. Add the path for this tab group to appear on in the “Block URL” area.
    1. For homepage the “Block URL” path is typically “Home”. If that doesn’t work, try “<front>”.
    2. Do not include:, your first directory, or leading forward slash at the beginning or end or the item will not display.
  7. Select “Block Placement”. Block Placement can be above or below existing content (and also on a page with no other content).
    1. Note: If you set a Feature Slideshow and a Tab Group to both display in the same area, the slides will always display above the tabs.
  8. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page.