Find/Unsubscribe from an ALA Sympa List

To unsubscribe from an electronic discussion list:Screen shot of Sympa list selection after having logged into the system

Web interface method

Step 1: 

Go to the ALA Mailing Lists home page; Log in.

Step 2: 

Left click the title of the list to select it.

Step 3:

Choose the Unsubscribe command  on the left nav bar.

Step 4:

Sympa will ask you if you are sure you want to Unsubscribe. Choose YES.

E-mail method Screen shot of the Unsubscribe command

These directions can be used for any open ALA list, substituting the appropriate list name.

Step 1:

Compose a new message in your email, addressing it To:

Step 2:

In the body of the message, type: UNSUBSCRIBE LIST NAME, inserting the name of the list in place of LIST NAME.