Adding/Removing Administrative Users on Sympa Lists

New admins can be added to lists by an existing admin. There is currently no way to add a user as an admin to multiple lists at once. This has to be done one at a time, and there is currently no feature to work around this limitation.

  1. To begin, login to
  2. Click on the gray Admin for list on the left hand side, under Your Lists.
    screenshot of login screen with Admin buttons under lists that I am in charge of.  Click the Admin buttons and the magic happens.
  3. When the Admin menu opens, select Edit List Config ​(top item in the list).
  4. Select List definition.
  5. To remove a list owner, go to the Owner section in the content panel and clear out the boxes (form fields) for the Admin you wish to remove. Then click Save at the bottom of the page.
  6. To add a list owner, simply add their details in the empty boxes in the Owner section. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
    Screenshot of the List Definition and callouts describing steps 3 through 6

If the new Owner needs to be able to add and remove other Admins, they need to be set as privileged, which is done by ITTS. Please open a TrackIt ticket after you add them as an Admin requesting that they be made a privileged admin for the list. Remember to provide their name and the list's name.