ALA eMail Discussion Lists by SYMPA

About ALA electronic discussion lists using Sympa

ALA uses an open-source mailing application called Sympa, that provides members with a web interface for managing mail subscriptions. It also allows subscribers to search list archives, change mail options, and more.

These electronic discussion lists promote interactive communication. They include lists for committees, roundtables and other groups. 

A master list of all ALA public Sympa mailing list can be found at:  There are also private lists, so if you know of a list that is not it in the listing, please contact the administrator or submit a Track-IT!  with the name of the list and request the name  and email address of the administrator.

To learn more about SYMPA discussion lists from the point of view of a Subscriber, Moderator, or Owner make sure to access the help resources tab in Sympa.

Using Sympa

Sympa logo -setup

SYMPA at ALA: Your First-Time Set-up

envelope for email subscription page

Find/Subscribe to an ALA SYMPA List.

Sympa Unsubscribe

Find/Unsubscribe to an ALA SYMPA List.

Sympa preferences or tools

Account Preferences: Change of Email Address or Name/Delivery Options

how to find list archives

Catch-up on the Discussion: Access List Archives

Staff and Sympa List Admin Volunteers

Bounce Management