ShareFile Support page


Sharefile is a means to securely transmit files that may have Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or other sensitive materials. 





To request changes to your folder, add users, or have any issues please submit a Trackit ticket with the Category Applications -> Sharefile 

Please find how-to instructions and a sample request email below. 


To request files: 

  1. Send your recipient a link to for them to upload file(s) to
  2. In the email to your recipient remind them that they need to press the upload button after selecting their files
  3. Request your other party to notify you that the file has been uploaded
  4. A File Request Email Template is available below


To send files to another department: 

  1. Find the correct link for the receiving department from the list below
  2. Using that link upload your file(s) to their Receiving folder
  3. Notify the receiving department about the files you sent over


To get email notifications when a file is uploaded or downloaded: 

  1. Log onto Sharefile through this link:
  2. Navigate to the folder you want email alerts for
  3. Check the boxes at the bottom of the file list to email when a file is downloaded or uploaded from the folder



To retrieve files: 

  1. Log onto Sharefile through this link:
  2. Navigate to the folder you requested files from – this will be the ‘Receiving’ folder under your relevant unit
  3. Right-click on the file you need and select download 
  4. Move the file from the Receiving folder to a subfolder under your unit’s folder 
  5. Select Move from the right-click menu, then select the destination folder, then click on the move button


File Request Email Template: 

                ALA is requesting you to transmit your files through a secure medium by using this link:
Please note: 

  1. You will be prompted for your email, name, and company. This information is exclusively used to track who has sent files. 
  2. After you have selected files to transmit by dragging and dropping or by browsing and selecting them you will need to click on the upload button in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.
    • Note you can send many files at one time
  3. Wait until the file has finished uploading before closing the browser. You can close the browser when the files have the ‘Uploaded’ status next to their names.
  4. After uploading the files please respond to this email with the filenames you uploaded to let us know that you have sent them


Links to share for receiving files:

Please note that if you share the incorrect link the files will be sent to that corresponding folder. These links do not give access to view the files in the folders, in this way they function identically to a fax number. 


Folder     Request Link
AASL -> Receiving 
Accounting -> Receiving 
ACRL -> Receiving 
ALSC -> Receiving 
Core -> Receiving 
Development Office  -> Receiving 
EMIERT  -> Receiving 
Governance -> Receiving 
Human Resources -> Receiving
IT -> Receiving 
Member and Customer Service -> Receiving 
Membership Development -> Receiving 
ODLOS -> Receiving 
Office for Accreditation -> Receiving 
OIF -> Receiving 
CRO IRO -> Receiving
PLA -> Receiving 
PPO -> Receiving 
Public Policy and Advocacy -> Receiving 
Publishing -> Receiving 
RRT -> Receiving 
RUSA -> Receiving 
SRRT -> Receiving 
United -> Receiving