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Informz Shared Account Transition

Our goal has been to create a consolidated Informz account so that we can share assets centrally and coordinate our marketing efforts.  As we grow into the new Campaigns capability, we need to ensure that we are able to coordinate our work with complex and dynamic messaging to our members.  

This new account is available use for new emails and campaigns while existing emails will continue to work in the current account.

You will know you are in the right account when you see “ALA” next to your name at the top of the screen.





Campaigns enable you to create sequences of messages using decision points for bespoke messaging to contacts.

Campaigns are made to direct a flow of emails and keeps your recipients engaged through the campaign’s narrative. Using feedback from your contacts you can create an enriched and interactive experience.


The Campaign templates to choose from include:

  • Welcome Campaign: As best practice, a welcome campaign should include a series of purposeful communications sent over the first few weeks of a member joining your organization.
  • Basic Renewal Campaign: Standard renewal beginning at 90 days prior to the expiration
  • Advanced Renewal Campaign: Advanced renewal beginning 120 days prior to expiration, targeting inactive and active members.
  • Save the Date/Early Bird Registration: Promote awareness with a Save the Date message and then complete early bird pricing promotion
  • Large Event Promotion: Open Registration/Last Chance: 7 Messages to promote and drive event registrations.
  • Win Back Campaign - 7-24 Months Lapsed: The goal of the Win Back campaign is to reach out to prior members to generate interest and encourage them to rejoin your organization.
  • Win Back Campaign - 3-6 Months Lapsed: The goal of the Win Back campaign is to reach out to prior members to generate interest and encourage them to rejoin your organization.
  • Fundraising Campaign: Support fundraising efforts through automation.


Higher Logic has step by step guides available for us here:

Other training options like webinars and E-Learning courses are available through



Q: What happens to my mailing in the old account? Nothing. Both accounts are available for you to use. The new shared account will help you share assets and collaborate with colleagues, but all of your current mailings continue work as they always have. 

Q: What happens to my images and templates? Old mailings and files will continue to be available so that you can reference them. We have put all the old files in an “Archive” in the Asset Manager for “ALA”.

Q: What about my non-iMIS Target Groups which were not copied over (including Compounds)? We will need to recreate these in the new account; if you need any help with this please reach out to me.

Q: What is the name of the new account? This new account is named “ALA” the old accounts are “American Library Association” and “ALA Publishing”.  After we complete transition to the new account, the old ones will be renamed “ALA Archive” and “ALA Publishing Archive”



Informz Landing Page / Mailing Recreation Guide

You can migrate your mailings on a as-needed / as time allows basis. After you have decided to migrate a mailing to the new account follow these steps: 


Step 1 – Deactivate Your Old Landing Page

  1. Login into the old account – “American Library Association” –
  2. Right-click and deactivate the Active Landing Page you are transitioning. It will be moved from the Active tab to the In Progress tab. 
  3. Go to the In Progress Tab to find and edit the Landing Page
  4. Right Click your landing page and select Edit to make note of how the “process tab” is setup before you proceed. You can screenshot the Process tab for your convenience later.
    1. If the process tab indicates that there is a mailing attached to the landing page, follow-up emails will need to be manually reconfigured and connected to the mailing.  It will look like this:
  5. On the “Design” tab, if the landing page is capturing more than just email address, make note of the fields it is capturing and/or mapping to.  For each field, you can identify where the field is mapping to by clicking on the cog icon (properties).
    1. Within the new ALA account, User Profile Interests will have to be manually recreated (you can copy the Interest’s name from here)
  6. If the landing page is only capturing email address, you will simply make note of how the “submit” button is processing by reviewing the “Process” tab that you’ve already saved in step 4 above. Pay close attention to the auto-subscribe interests as well as the “redirect user”


Step 2 – Setup Your New Landing Page

  1. Login to the new shared Informz Account: “ALA” –
    1. Locate the landing page in the landing page area under “MOVED” folder.  Review and update the process tab to match the previous account’s landing page.
    2. If the landing page had more than just email address and a button, you may need to recreate profile fields (first, last, for example) that previously existed on old landing page IF they do not exist in the account. 
      1. Check by going to Subscribers -> Profile Fields -> Personalization
      2. If the field you need to add to your landing page is not there, then add it by clicking create:
    3. Reattach follow up emails (if it existed in old account): Remove the existing Follow up email and re-create it. These did not transition over.
  2. Once you have recreated the landing page in full
    1. Rename the Landing Page to remove the word “Moved” from it
    2. Move the Landing Page to your folder
    3. Activate the Landing Page


Step 3 – Connect the Mailing to Your New Landing Page

  1. Find the mailing template which links to the landing page
  2. Re-link the mailing’s footer so that it is attached to the new Landing page you’ve just activated.


Step 4 – Mailing Switch Over and Target Group Migration:

  1. If your mailing has scheduled sends stop them to prevent it from being sent from both accounts
  2. If your mailing’s Target Group is iMIS generated, you can skip step #3
  3. If your mailing’s Target Group is not an iMIS generated, we will have to recreate it:
    1. For each mailing you are transitioning:
      1. Export your Target Groups from old account – “American Library Association” –
      2. Load imported Mail lists through Target Group file upload into new account – “ALA” –
  4. Create new mailing
    1. If your template has been used within the last 2 years, we copied it over for you.
    2. If you do not see a template you need, please let IT know.
  5. Select target groups for new mailing.
    1. Connect your mailing to an iMIS SQL view
    2. or Connect your mailing to imported Target Groups and newly generated lists if needed
  6. Create your scheduled sends using the mailing created in our shared account.