Hi, I'm Chris Pollette, and I'm the Service Design Librarian at the Robert W. Woodruff Library at Emory University. I'm going to be assisting LITA on the Web Coordinating Committee for the next couple of years. Mark Beatty's my staff liaison.


I have four cats:

  • Rory, a 17-year-old white cat with black spots
  • Tiana, a 1-year old tabby
  • Furdinand, a just-1-year-old white cat with buff spots
  • CC, a just-1-year-old black-and-white cat

The last three are known as the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, because they all hang around together.


In addition to the usual suspects (reading, computers), I also like genealogy, gaming (board, video, role-playing), music, and sleeping (which I never considered a hobby until I had kids).

Other Information

My father, who passed away three years ago now, was a World War II veteran who was part of the invasion at Normandy Beach. In his later years, he liked visiting middle schools to speak to history classes about his experiences. Someone recorded his visit one day.

In my previous life I was an editor at, where I was also a podcaster. I was the original co-host of TechStuff with Jonathan Strickland, with whom I recorded almost 500 episodes. Trivia fact: I was also the original co-host of another HowStuffWorks podcast, Stuff You Should Know with Josh Clark. If you know the podcast, I admit Chuck is a much better fit as co-host!

While I admit I'm a little rusty with Drupal, I've used it, WordPress, and a score of other commercial, open-source, and home-grown content management systems over the years. I'm happy to work on anything that's needed, though I admit to a fondness for topics like privacy, intellectual freedom, and net neutrality.

I'm grateful to have been appointed to the team, and I hope to be contributing more soon!