Run Recording Reports

So you held your webinar, made the recording public and published the link.  Now you need to know how many hits has it had?

Step 1: Move the recording to the Content Library in Adobe Connect

Pull up the Meeting information and hit the Recordings Link.

Pull up the meeting information and hit Recordings link

Step 2: Select the Recording and hit the Move button

Select the recording and hit the Move button

Step 3: Take the default setting;

This will put the recording in your Content folder.

Take the default setting; putting it in your Content folder.  You can move it to a Shared folder if that is where is needs to go.

Step 4: Click OK.

This screen will acknowledge that the recording was successfully moved.

acknowledge that the content move was successful

Step 5: Click the Reports command at the top grey bar.

Choose the Content Reports button in the resulting screen

Choose Reports from the top

Step 6: Select the recording that you want a report on, click Next

Select the recording you want

Step 7: Enter a filter if you need to, or simply click the Create Report button

skip filters unless you need to know action between certain dates

Step 8: The summary will tell you how many times your recording was viewed.

Review the summary