Web Functionality Request Lead Times

To make a request, staff should fill out the Web Functionality Request form. Review the existing modules to ensure that you are not asking for a module to be installed when it need only be enabled.

Banner installation: The banner is the graphic installed across the top of the site.1-2 day lead time.

Content type: Content types are templates that group headings and information in a certain order, such as basic page, committee display, and press releases. The development of a new content type will only be undertaken when an existing content type can't be altered to suit the need. 10-20 day lead time, subject to approval.

Favicon: This is the tiny square or round graphic identifier for your site that shows at the far left of the browser tab. 1-2 day lead time.

Field added to an existing content type: This is the less expensive alternative to creating a new content type. 5-10 day lead time, subject to approval.

Form: Webforms can be created from your Word document or other digital file type. Please convert PDF files to text for us. Required: the email addresses of those who should receive submitted forms, and also the names and contact information for those who should be able to access the form results within Drupal, so iMIS setup can be done. 5 day lead time per form.

Google key matches: Adding key matches alerts the search engine to crawl new content, and also serves to alert searchers to specific options. These display at the top of the search results as ALA Suggestions. Send us the search term(s), the display title, and the URL for each match. 1-2 day lead time.

Listing page: The content on these pages is generated dynamically from queries that use Boolean terminology and taxonomy terms (see). 1-2 day lead time.

Microsite: This is an entirely new addition to ala.org at the top level or for a specialized audience. Sites are spun up on a development server, must be themed, and have content added by you before they are copied over to the production (public) server for launch. 10-15 day lead time.

Microsite initiative: This is a sub-area of an existing microsite that has a specialized look and feel, requiring a different banner and other menu and theme changes. Note that the MI will use the parent's favicon, and cannot have a slide show or feature tabs UNLESS the parent is not using them on its homepage, or unless duplication of the parent's slide show and/or feature tabs is useful. 5-10 day lead time.

Module installation & roll-out: (please provide exact name or Drupal site URL of module.) Requesting unit must put module through its paces on the development site for at least 5 days before module will be pushed to the production server. If viable: 10-15 day lead time, subject to approval.

PHP coding: This would be outsourced. Lead time will vary.

Search collection: Setting up the search appliance to restrict results to a pre-defined limit, such as a specified microsite.10-20 day lead time

Taxonomy term(s): Tagging term used to create listing pages and views. 1-2 day lead time, subject to approval.

View: Dynamically generated page, block, or RSS feed in Drupal produced by querying nodes and displaying the results. 10-20 day lead time, subject to approval.

Web app: A webform that requires complex logic, and that reads and writes to a database, with authentication and access restrictions. This would be outsourced. 6 to 12 months lead time or longer, depending upon complexity.