New Staff Resources


Welcome to the American Library Association!

This website section is info that will help you become familiar with our systems at ALA.

Learn how to connect to and use ALA's wireless network!

New Hire Training Consists Of:

  • OneDrive (Cloud based file hosting service by Microsoft)
  • Filr (web based cloud network storage)
  • Ring Central (ALA's phone system)
  • Working Remotely
  • Logging in to your Computer (Network vs Computer Only Login)
  • Network Drives
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network allows access to network files and systems)
  • KnowBe4 (Internet Security System and Training)
  • Zoho Help Desk Tickets (Help Desk tickets for support): Send email to

Trainings are also available in the following areas: (Use the links below to schedule individual or group trainings)

Setup Instructions:

Need More Help?

Please email with questions on ALA technology and phone systems.