Moodle: Create a Course

Moodle is the Learning Management System (LMS) platform that ALA uses to facilitate its online course offering at

In this session we will focus on what you need to know when you get a request from a teacher/facilitator to create a course:

How to add a new course from "scratch"

Best Practices for Course settings and what they mean

  • Adding an Image to the Course Site Settings
  • Adding an Enrollment Key

How to Assign Roles in the course

  • Checking Course Participants

Adding/Modifying Course Sections

  • Adding Images to Course Sections
  • Adding Activities and Resources
  • Adding an Adobe Connect Meeting Room to your Course
  • Adding Forums and Difference between News and Other Forums
  • Managing Course Uploads

Requesting Course Chat Room

Adding/Removing Course Blocks

Resources for using Groups

Creating a Course from a Backup of a Previous Instance of the Course