Meeting Day Checklist

Prior to the Start of your Adobe Connect Session

Enter the Room - Put Participants on hold

Arrange, Add, or Hide Pods You Need for the Room:

Paste Questions and Answers into Poll pods and Hide for later use

Add Web links you want to share during the session to the Links Pod

Add Files you want to share with participants to the File share pod (if any)

Launch Q & A pod if desired

Initiate Audio Settings: Phone in to the Audio Bridge

Launch Opening Slide 

Audio & Housekeeping Slide Example

Confirm Presenters are Operational

Take Participants Off Hold

Accept (or Block) Incoming Guests

Monitor Chat for Questions and Technical Issues

Turn Recording On (2-4 minutes prior)


During the Adobe Connect Session

Monitor Chat for issues

Listen for presenter queues for help

Confirm that screens are shared


Following the Adobe Connect Session

Turn off the Recording

Make the Recording Public

Edit the Recording

Send the Recording link out to the participants or post to a website

Make available, any files used during the presentation, if desired, or as promised during the session


Please feel free to comment below on other things you check before running your sessions so we can all grow!