Library Building and Design Materials in the ALA Library Collection

From the ALA Library Collection

The Academic Library Building in the Digital Age: a Study of Construction, Planning, and Design of a new Library Space by Christopher Stewart (2010). Available only as print copy, Z679.2 .U54 S74 2010. 

Building Blocks for Planning Functional Library Space by LLAMA (2011). Available only as print copy, call number Z679.55 . B85 2011. 

Checklist of Library Building Design Considerations by William W Sannwald (2016). Available as both eBook and print copy, call number Z679.2.U54 S36 2016. 

Countdown to a New Library: Managing the Building Project by Jeanette A Woodward (2010). Available only as physical copy, call number Z679.2.U54 W66 2010. 

Creating the Customer Driven-Library: Building on the Bookstore Model by Jeanette A Woodward (2005). Available as both eBook and print copy, call number Z761.3.W636 2005. 

Designing a School Library Media Center for the Future by Rolf Erikson and Carolyn Bussian Markuson (2007). Available as both eBook and print copy, call number Z675.S3 E75 2007. 

Designing Space for Children and Teens in Libraries and Public Places by Sandra Feinberg and James R Keller (2010). Available only as eBook. 

The Library as Place: History, Community and Culture by John Buschman and Gloria J Leckie (2007). Available only as physical copy, call number Z716.4.L485 2007.

Library Spaces for 21st Century Learners: A Planning Guide for Creating New School Library Concepts by AASL. (2013) 

Moving your Library: Getting your Collection from Here to There by Steven Carl Fortriede (2010). Only available as eBook. 

Planning Optimal Library Spaces: Principles, Processes, and Practices by David R Moore II and Eric C Shoaf (2018). Only available as physical copy, call number Z679.55.M82 2018. 

The Practical Handbook of Library Architecture: Creating Building Spaces that Work by Frederick A Schlipf and John A Moorman (2018). Only available as physical copy, call number Z679.S33 2017. 

Teen Spaces: The Step-by-Step Library Makeover by Kimberly Bolan (2009). Only available as eBook. 

Useful, Usable, Desirable: Applying User Experience Design to your Library by Aaron Schmidt and Amanda Etches (2014). Only available as physical copy, call number Z678. S36 2014. 

American Libraries Online


Virus-Responsive Design by Lara Ewen. September 1, 2020.

Encoding Space: Shaping Learning Environments that Unlock Human Potential by Brian Mathews and Leigh Ann Soistmann. September 1, 2020.

Human-Centered Spaces: Public Libraries are leading Inclusive, Strategic Building Design by Terra Dankowski. February 29, 2020. 

Tiny but Mighty: A 320- Square-Foot Library is Having a Big Impact on Early Literacy by Macey Snelson. September 3, 2019.

Repurpose with a Purpose: Converting Nonlibrary Spaces into Public Libraries. Septemeber 4, 2018.

Design on the Cheap: Library Design and Renovation on the Cheap by Phil Morehart. September 4, 2018. 

Leading the Green Revolution: Libraries Inspire their Communities through Green Initiatives by Liz Granger. November 1, 2017.  

Saving our Murals: Libraries Reap the Benefits of Art Restoration by Phil Morehart. November 1, 2017. 

Extend Your Space: Flexible Shelving, Modular Designs and Lighting for your Library by Carrie Smith. June 1, 2017. 

Dewey Decibel Podcast

Library Architecture and Design: Conversations about New Buildings and Renovations. August 17, 2020. 

Libraries of All Shapes and Sizes. September 30,2019. 

Children and Libraries 

Envisioning a Twenty-First Century Children's Library by Andrew Medlar. Vol 14 no. 1 (2016).

Information Technology and Libraries (ITAL)

Applying Gamification to the Library Orientation: A Study of Interactive User Experience and Engagement Preferences by Karen Nourse Reed. Vol 39 no.3 (2020). 

The Benefits of Enterprise Architecture for Library Technology Management: An Exploratory Case Study by Sam Searle. Vol 37 no. 4 (2018).

Knowledge Quest

How to Identify and Reframe Design Problems in Your Library by Diana Rendina. April 27, 2016. 

Reconfiguring my School's Library Layout by Elizabeth Pelayo. March 12, 2021.

Public Libraries

 Flexibility is Key: Innovations in Library Design by Gretchen Kaser Corsillo. March 29, 2015.

Mantras of Library Design by Ben Malczewski. October 17, 2013. 

The Architecture of Libraries in Contemporary Times by Mark Troknya. February 22, 2018.

A Look at Basic Service Design by Lauren Stara. January 6, 2017. 

Enhance Library User Experience with 'Design Thinking' by Lauren Stara. October 3, 2016. 

Learning from Librarians and Teens about YA Library Spaces by L. Meghann Kuhlmann et al. July 7, 2014. 

Provide a Variety of Library Spaces by Rebecca Cruz. April 10, 2016. 

Going Inside the Box the Wired Library by Mikaeal Jacobsen. November 28, 2016. 

Five Tips for Planning Teen Spaces by Theresa Horn. August 2, 2016.

Ethics of Library Meeting Rooms. January 20, 2017. 

Topic - Library as Public Space

Reference and User Services Quarterly 

Toward Holistic Accessibility: Narratives from Functionally Diverse Patrons by JJ Pionke. Vol 57 no. 1 (2017).

RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts and Cultural Heritage

Rethinking Special Collections Moves as Opportunities, no Obstacles by Colleen Holelscher and Sarah Burke Cahalan. Vol 18 no. 2 (2017).