Fiscal Year 2023 Closing- Important Dates

The end of our fiscal year is again upon us! In order to make the Fiscal Year 2023 audit successful, please note the important dates below. We will also place calendar reminders in Outlook for All ALA staff:

iMIS invoice requests sent to Terrence Miltner by:


Accounts receivables invoices entered in Airtable by:


Accounts Payable (invoices) in Airtable Submission and Approval Deadline:


Employee Reimbursements in Concur Submission and Approval Deadline:


Grant Expense Accruals Deadline:


Fiscal Year 2023 Performance Reports Provided to Unit Managers:


Grant Corrections Deadline:


Other Corrections Deadline:


Final FY 2023 Performance Reports Provided:


In preparation:

  1. Please contact your vendors to obtain all invoices for goods and services rendered through August 31, 2023. If you are having difficulty contacting the vendor, please forward the mail communication to with an estimate of the value no later than September 15, 2023.
  2. Review your grant financial reports in the Prophix Grants cube and contact Mike Larson with changes or corrections. Make sure all federal grant reports are filed timely with the help of Mike Larson.

Committee Meetings