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What is iMIS at ALA?

iMIS is ALA’s association management system. It enables us to store contacts, manage member dues and other subscriptions, track activities, run reports and more. iMIS links with several systems, including eCommerce and our web platform (Drupal). 

iMIS Modules include: 

For detailed help and videos on iMIS Basics, check out this page on everything a user should know when working in iMIS


The two main permission levels  granted in iMIS are:


  • View Customers data, which includes member, prospective member & committee records
  • Run reports in Customers, Committees & Events
  • Create, edit prospective member records
  • View Committee records
  • View Events data


  • All the tasks from Casual, PLUS:
  • Create & Edit Committees
  • Create/Edit Position Codes, Roster Records and Notes (Charge) field and Descriptions field
  • Change status of Committees from Active to Inactive

How Do I get Credentials?

A form, submitted by the user's manager, starts off the process. New users will receive their credentials at the completion of training. Watch the 81 second video on obtaining iMIS Credentials! (ALA login needed)

Documentation Help & Training

    Integrate Tech with iMIS

    Please use the Project Planning Form to have RFPs, proposals, and contracts reviewed.