Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What floor are you on?

The Accounting/Finance department is on the 5th floor of the 40 East Building.

What is the Indirect Cost Rate to be used for grant proposals?

Our provisional rate (until we receive the official final rate  from the Federal Government) is 22.88%.  - anticipated final rate date is November.

Is anyone on the Finance Team a Notary Public?

Yes, Keith Brown and Denise Moritz.

My Prophix Performance Report is missing a project.  What should I do?

Contact John Cuculich and he will investigate if the Project exists and if security has been properly set-up for the Project.  If a change to security is needed he will submit a TrackIt ticket to have ITTS make the security change.

My Prophix Performance Report is reporting the incorrect amount for a project.  What should I do?

Please contact Jennifer Tam for any account balance questions regarding grants.  For other account balance questions, please contact Joanne.  For any technical problems with the report, contact John Cuculich.

My Prophix Performance Report does not show any deferred revenues.  Is there a report available for that?

Yes, in the Unit Managers monthly reports folder there is a report named GI Detail Report.  By clicking on this report, it will prompt you for a time period, Fund, Unit, Line Item and Project#.  Clicking on View Report produces the report.  There is an option to export to Excel, Word, PDF and other formats.  Be aware that there is no drill across available for this report.

I need to open a new project.  What do I do?

Simply fill out the request for New or Change in G/L Account Code Form and email it to John Cuculich, Jennifer Tam and Joanne Lee.  The form can be found on the ALA Support Web Forms page.  The link is below:

My Ultipro password doesn't work. What should I do?

Contact Beata Staruk in HR with connectivity issues and password resets.

I expect to be out of the office for an extended period.  Who will approve my SharePoint and/or Ultipro request/timecards?

Please update with Ultipro information.

For SharePoint, if you wish to delegate a manager to approve in your absence, please contact John Cuculich before you leave to set that up in the system.  If you prefer not to delegate a Manager, you can use e-mail to approve a check request.  Have your staff e-mail copies of your check requests and invoices.  Email your approval or rejection to John Cuculich, who will manually approve the invoice.  Please include the Check request number in the email.

Why can't I enter data in the Budget Template and what does "Dimension spread has been disabled in the template" mean?

Data can only sit at the 4-digit project level.  Your 3-digit Unit number is the sum of all projects.  This is very easy to forget and especially so for the managers with only one project number.  Just click the drop-down to your desired project (e.g. 0000) and begin to type, then save.

When I am entering data in the Prophix template, a pop-up window asks how I want to spread the data.  What is the difference between spread-evenly and spread based on existing data for the current member combination?

Spread evenly will simply place 1/12th of your value in each of the 12 months of the fiscal year, September to August.  Whereas, spread based on existing data for the current member combination will calculate how a previously entered amount is prorated across the months and apply those exact same monthly prorations to the value you are now entering.  This choice is not applicable and will deliver an error message if this is the first time you are entering a value.

Why do I at times have 2 Prophix icons on my desktop - one with a "z" and one with a short-cut arrow?

Prophix works best with the Internet Explorer (IE) web browser.  However, not every user has IE as their default browser of choice.  The icon with the "z" is an ITTS Novell network setting that pushes the software to use IE.  The other shortcut is generated by Prophix onto your desktop.

How do I get reimbursed for expenses I have incurred?

To receive reimbursement for expenses incurred while on ALA business go to the Accounting Forms tab and download the Expense Reimbursement form.  Make sure to fill out the form completely and attach all original receipts or copies of your receipts. You may submit the expense reimbursement form with attached receipts via interoffice mail to the A/P Department or if you wish to drop it off please visit the 5th Floor department mailbox.  If you do not know where to find the mailbox please see the Sr. Admin Assistant  (EXT 3208) near the Controller's office.

Whom do I see to get a late payment expedited? Whom do I speak to if a payment check goes astray?

For answers to these questions and more questions regarding the contact person please visit the Finance and Budgeting at ALA tab which includes a list of each staff person and their duties.