What is Filr?

It is a web-based access to our network files.  It is the replacement for Net Storage, which ALA will no longer use. It can be accessed from the ALA Chicago network, so you may test it before working remotely.

Sign in at

Use your network credentials (the same as you would when you turn on your computer at the office).

Use the Icons in the Top Menu to move between ALA Network Drives

Net Folders: N: Drive (Unit Share), S: Drive (Global Share), Conference Photos, and more

Open the Net Folders icon to get to your N: drive.

To get to Booklist’s shared network drive (or F:), go to the Booklist Share folder N:, then select SYS. Each unit has a custom set-up.

Download a File

Upload a File

"Home" or "My Files"

The first page, the first time you login, will be your H: Drive, kind of.  The system needs to sync with your H: Drive, so you won't see everything immediately at the first login.  Note also, that you can only see 25 items at one time, so you may need to scroll a few pages or change the sort column to find what you are looking for. Use the arrows at the bottom middle of the page to navigate.

My H: drive view

screenshot of Julianna's Home/ My Files with top menu icons (My Files, Shared with Me, Shared by Me, Net Folders) and Home folders displayed

Your unit's customized N: Drive "Unit Share"

Choose the Net Folders icon on the top command bar.  Click on your team's share folder.

Screenshot of Net Files selected from Command line






How do I Download a file?

Resist the urge to double click the file, because it will behave as a browser would and open the file within the browser.  Instead, right click and use the Save Link As command to download files.  Pay attention to the folder that it is asking you to Save to, it might not be the Downloads folder.

screenshot of downloading a file with popup menu to Save Link As






How to I Upload files?

Navigate to the folder you want to add the file to. Choose "Add Files..." button from the top.  You will notice a pop-up instructing you to click, drag and drop files into the folder.  You can either Browse for them, or Drag them from an Explorer window that is open on your computer.

screenshot of uploading a file