Fighting Misinformation in ALA Library Collection

Books in ALA Library Collection

Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error by Kathryn Schulz (2010). Only Available as Physical Copy. Call Number BD171.S3273 2010.

Fake News and Alternative Facts: Information Literacy in a Post-Truth Era by Nicole A Cooke (2018). Available as both eBook and Physical Copy. Call Number, ZA3075.C675 2018. 

Information Literacy Assessment: Standards Based Tools and Assignments by Teresa Y Neely (2006). Available as both eBook and Physical Copy. Call Number ZA3075.N435 2006. 

Information Literacy Collaborations That Work by Trudi E Jacobson and Thomas P Mackey (2007). Only Available as Physical Copy. Call Number ZA3075.I533 2007.

Information Literacy: Essential Skills for the Information Age by Michael B Eisenberg, Carrie A Lowe and Kathleen L Spitzer (2004). Only Available as Physical Copy. Call Number ZA3075.E385 2004.

Information Literacy Instruction Handbook by Christopher N Cox and Elizabeth Blakesley (2008). Only Available as Physical Copy. Call Number ZA3075.I536 2008.

Information Literacy and Libraries in the Age of Fake News by Denise E Agosto (2018). Only Available as Physical Copy. Call Number ZA3075.I53275 (2018). 

Information Literacy Meets Library 2.0 by Peter Godwin, and Jo Parker (2008). Only Available as Physical Copy. Call Number ZA674.75.I58 I54 2008.

Metaliterate Learning for the Post-Truth World by Thomas P Mackey and Trudi E Jacobson (2019). Only Available as Physical Copy, Call Number ZA3075.M485 2019. 

Misinformation and Mass Audiences by Brian G Southwell, Emily A Thorson and Laura Sheble (2018). Only Available as Physical Copy, Call Number P91.27.M57 2018. 

Teaching Infomation Literacy: 50 Standards Based Exercises for College Students by Joanna M Burkhart, Mary C MacDonald and Andree J Rathemacher (2010). Only Available as Physical Copy, Please Contact ALA Library to Access. 

Teaching Information Literacy: Threshold Concepts: Lesson Plans for Librarians by Patricia Bravender, Hazel McClure and Gayle Schaub (2015). Only Available as Physical Copy, Please Contact ALA Library to Access. 

Teaching Information Literacy Online by Thomas P Mackey and Trudi E Jacobson (2011). Only Available as Print Copy, Call Number ZA3075.T427 2011. 

Teaching Information Literacy Reframed: 50+  Framework Based Exercises for Creating Information Literate Learners by Joanna M Burkhardt (2016). Only Available as Physical Copy. Call Number ZA3075.B87 2016. 

Transforming Information Literacy Programs: Intersecting Frontiers of Self, Library Culture and Campus Community by Carrol Weltzel Wilkinson and Courtney Bruch (2012). Only Available as Physical Copy, Call Number ZA3075.T73 2012. 

Articles in ALA Library Collection 

Framing Fake News: Misinformation and the ACRL Framework by Allison Faix and Amy Fyn in Libraries and the Academy v20 n 3 (2020). Available Digitally. 

Misinformation and Bias in Metadata Processing: Matching in Large Databases by Gail Thornburg and W. Michael Oskins in Information Technology and Libraries v26 n 2 (2007). Available Digitally. 

The Jenny McCarthy Conundrum: Public Libraries, Popular Culture and Health Misinformation by Mary Grace Flaherty, Elnora Kelly Tayag. Meaghan Lanier and Jennie Minor in Proceedings of the American Society for Information and Science Technology v51 n1 (2014). Available Digitally. 

Fake News and Alternative Facts: Five Challenges for Academic Library by Rick Anderson in Insights v30 n2 (2017). Available Digitally. 

Fake News and Digital Literacy: The Academic Library's Role in Shaping Digital Citizenship by Kimberly Copenhaver in The Reference Librarian v59 n 3 (2018). Available Digitally. 

Libraries and Fake News: What's the Problem? Whats the Plan? by Matthew Sullivan in Communications in Information Literacy v13 n1 (2019). Available Digitally.

What do we do About "Fake News" and other False Information: The Roles of the Organization of False Information, Professional Ethics and Information Literacy by Shannon M Oltmann, Thomas J Froehlich and Denise E Agosto in Proceedings of the Association of Information Science and Technology v55 n1 (2018). Available Digitally. 

American Libraries Magazine Online 

Fighting Fake News: How Libraries can Lead the way on Media Literacy by Marcus Banks. December 27, 2016. 

Fighting Fake News in the Pandemic: Using Your Library's Digital Reach to Thwart Misinformation by Sarah Ostman. March 20, 2020. 

Fake News or Free Speech: Is there a Right to be Misinformed by Carli V Lowe. June 25, 2018. 

Media Literacy in the Age of Fake News: Prepare Users for the Pitfalls of Misinformation by George M Eberhart. November 1, 2019. 

Check your Facts: Libraries use Tech Tools to Fight Fake News by Jessica Cilella. November 1, 2019. 

Information Literacy Toolkits: Creating Better Resources for Instructors by Meredith Farkas. May 1, 2017. 

Information Literact 2.0: Critical Inquiry in the Age of Social Media by Meredith Farkas. November 11, 2011.

Dewey Decibel Podcast - Episode 16: Fighting Fake News. August 1, 2017. 

Children and Libraries 

Where Are we Now? The Evolving Use of New Media with Young Children in Libraries by Kathleen Campana et al. Vol 17 no 4 (2019). 

Research Round Up: Digital Media and Young Children by Betsy Diamant-Cohen and Annette Y Goldsmith. Vol 14 no 2 (2016). 


The (Unintentional) Rebranding of a Longstanding Information Literacy Problem as "Fake News." Sponsored by ProQuest. August 23, 2017. 

Scholarship Versus Secrecy and Fake News: Primary Sources in an Age of Misinformation. Sponsored by ProQuest. October 3, 2019. 

Extra Views or Fake News: Understanding Open Access eBook Usage from University Press Forum. May 1, 2018. 

Putting the Library in the Life of the User: Listen then Lead, to Promote a Unique and Compelling Role for Academic Libraries. June 19, 2017. 

Taking Down the "Illusion of Credibility": A New Approach to Info Lit. Sponsored by Sage Publishing. May 4, 2020. 

Information Literacy Instruction: Frameworks, Pedagogies and Practices. July 2020. 

Information Literacy Instruction - LibGuide. 2020. 

Information Literacy in Context - Expanding Foundational Skills into the Disciplines. Sponsored by Credo Reference. June 19, 2019. 

College and Research Libraries 

News Credibility: Adapting and Testing a Source Evaluation Assessment in Journalism by Piotr S. Bobowski and Karna Younger. Vol 81 n. 5 (2020). 

Exploring the Development of Undergraduate Student's Information Literacy Through Their Experience with Research Assignments by Amanda L Folk. Vol 82 no 7 (2021). 

Outcomes Assessment in Undergraduate Information Literacy Instruction: A Systematic Review by Allison Erlinger. Vol 79 no 4 (2018). 

The Practice and Promise of Critical Information Literacy: Academic Librarians' Involvement in Critical Library Instruction by Eamon C Tewell. Vol 79 no 1 (2018). 

Three Perspectives on Information Literacy in Academia: Talking to Librarians, Faculty and Students by Anna Yevelson-Shorsher and Jenny Bronstein. Vol 79 no 4 (2018). 

Information Literacy and Cultural Context: Chinese English Language Learners' Understandings of Information Authority by Emily Crist and Diana Popa. Vol 81 no 4 (2020). 

Research is an Activity and a Subject of Study: A Proposed Metaconcept and Its Practical Application by Allison Hosier. Vol 80 n. 1 (2019). 

College and Research Library News

Says Who? Librarians Tackle Fake News by Shellie Jeffries et al Vol 78 no 10 (2017). 

Fighting Fake News: Inspiring Thinking with Memorable Learning Experiences by Stephanie A Diaz and Russell A Hall. Vol 81 no 5 (2020). 

Be Aware: Elevate Your News Evaluation - Emphasizing Media Literacy, One Library's Initiative by Sara Davidson Squibb. Vol 78 no 10 (2017). 

Pizzagate and a Slice of Free Speech: Media Literacy Outside the Classroom by Callie Wiygul Brannister. Vol 79 no 8 (2018). 

Information Technologies and Libraries 

A Technology-Dependent Information Literacy Model within the Confines of a Limited Resources Environment by Ibrahim Abuandi. Vol 37 no 4 (2018). 

Automated Fake News Detection in the Age of Digital Libraries by Ugur Mertoglu and Burkay Genc. Vol 39 no 4 (2020). 

Mititgating Bias in Metadata: A Use Case Using Homosaurus Linked Data by Juliet Hardesty and Allison Nolan. Vol 40 no 3 (2021). 

President's Message: Focus on Information Ethics by Aimee Fifarek. Vol 35 no 4 (2016). 

Knowledge Quest

School Libraries and Truth in the "Era of Fake News" by Loretta Gaffney. June 13, 2018. 

School Libraries Fight Fake News by Mica Johnson. December 19, 2016. 

Down the Rabbit Hole with Deep Fakes by Leanne Ellis. June 18, 2019.

News or Not by Hannah Byrd Little. December 8, 2016. 

Critical Thinking Through Conspiracies by Leanne Ellis. September 18, 2020. 

We Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident: Learning and Discerning in 2020 and Beyond by Lia Fisher Janosz. November 3, 2020. 

Public Libraries Online 

Public Libraries in the Age of Fake News by Barbara Alvarez. January 11, 2017. 

Creative Ways to Fight Fake News by Paula Wilson. February 9, 2017. 

New Research Explores How Public Libraries can Best Combat Misinformation by Suzanne LaPierre. November 23, 2020. 

Tackling Meta-Illiteracy by Nadine Kramarz. November 29, 2019. 

Digital Literacy Support in Libraries: More than Just Your Computer Classes by Kate Alleman. May 1, 2018. 

Fantasy Football, Information Literacy and the Library by Mikeal Jacobsen. September 18, 2017. 

FYI Podcast - Misinformation, Disinformation and More by Kathleen Hughes. March 22, 2021. 

Reference and User Services Quarterly 

Trustworthiness: What are we Teaching? by Esther Grassian. Vol 57 no 3 (2018). 

For Your Information: Using Information in Public Libraries by Esther Grassian. Vol 57 no 1 (2018). 

Reflections on Fake News, Librarians and Undergraduate Research by Lisa Rose-Wiles. Vol 57 no 3 (2018). 

Cutting Through the Fog: Government Information, Librarians and the Fourty-Fifth President by Kian A. Flynn and Cassandra J. Hartnett. Vol 57 no 3 (2018). 

Teaching and Learning Alternatives: A Global Overview by Esther Grassian. Vol 56 no 4 (2017). 

Poor Information Literary Skills and Practices as Barriers to Academic Performance: A Mixed Methods Study of the University at Dar es Salaam by Tina Klomsri and Matti Tedre. Vol 55 no 4 (2016). 

Habits of Mind in an Uncertain Information World by Craig Gibson and Trudi E Jacobson. Vol 57 no 3 (2018). 

Reference in the Age of Disinformation by Nicolette Warisse and David A. Tyckoson. Vol 57 no 3 (2018).