Restricting Content

Member or Registrant Only Content

Access to content can be set on any webpage during edit. Member type can be restricted to:

All ALA members:

a Drupal function checkbox titled ALA All Members. Checking this b ox makes your resource available to all of ALA. Do not check the box if you need to restrict to smaller groups.

Meaning the user has to be logged into the site, as a Member or ALA in order to see the page. If it is open to the public, leave this box unchecked.

Some ALA members:

If you want to restrict the page to a smaller audience, leave the 'All ALA Members' box unchecked and enter the division, section, round table, committee or event code to restrict the viewer group even further.

Drupal section used to restrict access to members of groups and to registrants of classes and events. Titled: Division, Round Table, Committee Members and/or Event Registrants.You can:

  • Restrict by Member type; such as (student, retired, associate, life, etc.) or
  • Restrict to one or more divisions and/or round tables, by separating the codes with a comma.
  • Limit access to committee members or event registrants.
  • It is possible to restrict to any combination of legitimate dues-paying member groups.
  • Most divisions and round table acronyms become their product code. The exception is SORT, which is a SQL command. Use STORT. for SORT.

This process should be applied by Content Managers who post publications or other materials that should be restricted to your division, round table or one or more of its subgroups. The product and member type codes referred to in the instructions are defined in iMIS, our Membership Management software. If you are unsure of the proper code please contact your division or office web-lead who can look up the codes for you in iMIS.

Using the Proper Code: When to use the Period

Division codes need a period behind them when using them to restrict user access. Sections, Events, Member Types or Committees do NOT need the period.

Committee Codes need to be in uppercase with a dash as the fourth character, just like they are in iMIS. The screenshot below illustrates this in a Committee content type in Drupal. It is the same format needed to restrict access to pages.

screenshot highlighting that the format of committee codes in Drupal must be in uppercase and include a dash, just like the code in iMIS

Note: You can use your ALA website login anywhere on

  • Username and password recovery are available from the link on the login page.
  • Don’t use the back button during or immediately following login, as this will throw a Shibboleth error message requiring that you close your browser and start the process over.