Logging into Drupal

Single sign-on

Our new Drupal CMS is integrated with Shibboleth (Shib), an open source software solution for web single sign-on across or within organizational boundaries. Shibboleth allows ALA to use our iMIS Association Management database as the user credentials data source for accessing ALA.org, connect.ala.org and eventually other Web-based resources shared by ALA staff and/or members.

Unlike, our previous CMS, Serena Collage, which used a web-based application with its own url (www.collage.ala.org) to edit another website (www.ala.org) all content management on a Drupal website is done directly within its own location. Therefore, all Content Editors for ALA.org will be using their iMIS Staff or Member record credentials to login to ALA.org and access the Drupal CMS.

Retrieving your iMIS username and password

Members and staff can retrieve and reset their iMIS user name and password on their own, without contacting Member and Customer Service.

  1. Go to http://www.ala.org and click on the login hyperlink in the uppermost, right corner known as the ALA eyebrow links which will remain consistent across the site.
  2. Click on the Forgot your username or password? link
  3. in the subsequent Reset Your Password field, enter either your email address or membership number.
  4. Click the Reset Password button.
  5. You will see a notice that a link to reset your password has been sent to you via e-mail.
  6. Go to your Inbox (and if need be, spam folder) and look for an email from LoginHelp@ala.org with the Subject: Your ALA Login Information.
  7. This email will inform you of your username and provide you with a personalized link to reset your password
  8. The link returns you to ala.org to a Reset Password page with three required fields, where you should enter your:
    1. Last Name
    2. New Password
    3. Confirm New Password
  9. Click the Submit button.
  10. You will be directed to the login page, enter your username and new password to make sure you are able to login. Upon successful login you will receive a notice to that effect on the Login Welcome page and you have the option to follow links to interact with your member account.

iMIS STAFF vs. MEMBER record for ALA staffers

It is possible to enable commenting on certain Drupal CMS content types and by default the creator of the page (unless indicated otherwise) is the moderator and has the responsibility to review, publish and/or respond to submitted comments.

Certain ALA staffers are also members and some have only one record in iMIS for that of a member. Some staffers have both a MEMBER and STAFF record and are familiar with logging into ALA Connect with either depending on the role they are playing when posting content.

IMPORTANT! Due to the new commenting feature on ALA.org, it is required that all staff Content Editors have a staff record in iMIS and their Drupal Content Editor role will be associated with it.

The iMIS database administrator endeavors to make sure that the username for an iMIS staff record is always first initial last name. In iMIS, usernames must be unique, so if you have a MEMBER record in addition to your STAFF record, be aware that you cannot edit that username to be identical to your STAFF username.

Roles & permissions

Once potential ALA.org Content Editors complete training, they will be assigned a role in iMIS which defines the level of permission they have to access and interact with Drupal content types (Webpage templates). This ALA Drupal CMS documentation is divided into these five roles. Each role builds on top of the previous and Content Editors should be responsible for understanding the instructional materials not only for their own role but for the role(s) beneath their own.

  1. Content Editor Basic
  2. Content Editor Intermediate
  3. Content Editor Advanced
  4. ALA Content Editor
  5. Site Admin

Press Release Editor is an additional role which may or may not be coupled with any of the above, when a staff member is indentified as the Press Release Editor for their unit. Member-volunteers will not be granted the role of Press Release Editor but rather should collaborate with a staf liaison to have press releases created.


Main content areas of ALA.org (ex: Divisions, Offices, Round Tables) have been assigned a zone within iMIS, Content Editors will be assigned zones for the areas of the Website that they have permission to edit.

Log in

  1. Go to any Webpage on ALA.org that you have been assigned a permission zone. Click on the login hyperlink in the upper most, right corner known as the ALA eyebrow links which will remain consistent across the site.
  2. Enter your iMIS username and password.
  3. Upon successful login you will see the Drupal Admin black toolbar and Drupal gray shortcut bar and your username in the upper-left corner of the toolbar.

Log out

With Shibbolized resources, when you logout, you have only logged out from the local resource of the tab you’re in. Even if your other tabs or windows aren’t open to ALA resources, you will still be logged in to ALA. Those logging in from public or shared computers should note that Shib will not completely log you out until you exit your browser by closing it.