Digital and Online Services in Libraries

Books from Library Collection 

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Journal Articles from ALA Library Collections 

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American Libraries 

Moving Multicultural Collections Online: Promoting Diverse Materials Virtually by Sanhita SinhaRoy. June 26, 2020. 

Pandemic Forces Programs to Move Online: Libraries Adapt Quickly to the Crisis by Anne Ford. June 1, 2020. 

Special Report: Digital Humanities in Libraries - A New American Libraries/Gale Cengage Survey Shows Uncertainty and Adoption in this Growing Field. January 4, 2016. 

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Engagement at a Distance: Tools and Tips for Virtual Programming and Services by Araceli Mendez Hintermeister. March 1, 2021. 

Children and Libraries 

Virtually Everything...Generating and Housing Substantial and Engaging Online Programming by Christopher A Brown and Karin Suni. Vol 18 no 4 (2020). 

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Choice 360

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College and Research Libraries 

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Information Technologies and Libraries 

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Knowledge Quest

Topic - Technology

Online Museum Exhibitions as Virtual Learning Resources by Margaret Sullivan. August 13, 2020. 

Turn to Your School Librarian for Leadership in Online Learning by Sam Northern ED.D. October 30, 2020. 

Promoting Reading During Virtual Learning by Margaret Sullivan. October 23, 2020. 

Picture Books and Primary Sources: Teaching and Learning from Home by Tom Bober. April 15, 2020. 

Experimenting with Online Content Delivery by Bitsy Griffin. March 25, 2020. 

Scheduling Library Spaces by Elizabeth Pelayo. August 11, 2021. 

Math and 3D Printing in the Library by Becca Munson. May 25, 2021. 

Digital Tools to Encourage Student Voice and Change by Steve Tetreault. May 10, 2021. 

Top Tips to Create Instructional Videos by Becca Munson. August 24, 2020. 

Involving Staff in Book Promotions in an Online Learning Environment by Becca Munson. June 22, 2020. 

Public Libraries Online 

Towards a Framework for Digital Justice in Public Libraries by Amita Lonial. March 5, 2018. 

Digital Access During Covid-19 by Suzanne LaPierre. May 12, 2020. 

Improving Virtual Reference Services for LGBTQIA+ Users by Clarity Amrein. December 27, 2021. 

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Creating Digital Tutorials by Cristy Moran. November 26, 2012. 

Accessing Digital Information by Kevin Watson. December 8, 2017. 

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Reference and User Services Quarterly

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