Create New Award

Staff Edit Onlyscreenshot of Add Award link in right nave on the ABC-CLIO Only History Award

Awards and Grants are edited by the Staff Liaisons only. Once a staff liaison has rights, s/he can edit/add awards to the Awards and Grants database. If you are an ALA Staff member, and not sure if you have rights, please submit a TrackIT request. Remember to include the name of the award(s) that you will be editing, or if you will be adding a new award and follow the instructions below.


Using your Drupal credentials, login to the Awards and Grants site. Navigate to any award. Since the links to edit and create are on the award pages, it doesn't matter which award you navigate to when getting started.

How Will My Award Look? Anatomy of an Award

The awards and grants setup takes the data you enter into a field displays it in different pages. Not only does it serve as an archive for past award activity, you can find aspects of your award on a variety of listing pages throughout the site. To get a better field shows where, take a look at the Awards and Grants Field map.

Rollout New Awardscreenshot of Award name, image and purpose fields with a corresponding arrow to where they appear in the Award detail and landing pages.

It might help to open edit mode on an award that is similar to the one you are editing (that you have access to), to see what information was added to each field as a point of reference.

Step 1

Choose the "Add Award" link in in the right navigation bar of any award.

Step 2

Complete the fields:

Name of award, Name to be displayed, and Name Sort

Award name appears on several listing pages as well as the Award's landing and detail pages. You have three chances to display the name in a way that appears correctly in the display, yet lands alphabetically in a list appropriately (ie. The..)


An image of the award, logo, or namesake. The gray box displays here until you upload an award image.


What is this award about? You can usually cut and paste this from a Press Release announcing the award or committee minutes.

Complete More Award Fields, (continued)