Create Feature Slideshow Container

Create Feature Slideshow

When finished uploading each image that will display in a slideshow, you are ready to create its container, a new content type in Drupal called Feature Slideshow. Of course, if the Feature Slideshow already exists, just enter it in edit mode and check the box to add your new slides. Save to publish, and you're done. The instructions below are for setting up a new container for a new display path.

  1. Assuming that you are still logged into the website,
  2. Choose Add content,
  3. Select Feature Slideshow

Screenshot of slideshow size and slide selection checkboxesSlideshow Size

Choose the Slideshow Size based on your page setup and the size of the slide template you’re using. (If you intend to have multiple slideshows on your site, and if you are going to have them in different sizes, be sure to include size in your slide Titles so that you don’t accidentally select the wrong size slide.

Feature Slide

Choose the checkbox next to the Feature Slides to be included from the alphabetical list that will display.

Block URL

The Block URL path for your homepage is usually the word home. If that doesn’t work, try <front>;

For others locations, use the directory path of the page you want it to display on. For example, for this page on the Support site, with URL of, the path will be drupal/leftnav.

Note: Do not include

  • the or

  • your first directory or

  • leading forward slash at the beginning or end. If you do, the item will not display.

Block Placement

Block Placement can be above or below existing content (and also on a page with no other content). If you set a Feature Slideshow and a Tab Group to both display in the same area, the slides will always display above the tabs