Logging In

  • Log in with your ALA credentials at
  • Go to your Apps (left side navigation)
  • Click "ContractSafe Saml2 SSO" app to log in


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What is ContractSafe?

ContractSafe is the web-based application that ALA is using to manage contracts.

Key Features of ContractSafe:

  • Find what you are looking for quickly, even within scanned documents
  • Make sure you are reminded of key contract dates
  • Create easy reports with the information you need
  • Collaborate with your co-workers
  • Since ContractSafe is web-based it can be used from anywhere, using any device, and at any time. Limited only by your internet connect

Login to ContractSafe

Dashboard Layout

  • Folders - You will only be able to see and access the folders that you have permission for. If you need to access another folder, please have your Unit Manager submit an email to
  • Search Bar - Use the search bar to find contracts. This search is very powerful. Clicking on Advanced Search gives you the option to fine-tune your search using many different terms.
  • Upload a Contract - This allows you to upload a contract. First, select a folder then either drag and drop a contract into the box or select one from your computer.
  • Key Dates - Key dates allow you to see anything that is coming up. You will only be able to see contracts in folders that you have permission to view

Folder View

Once you've clicked on a Folder or Searched for a Contract you will be taken to Folder View. The default columns are:

  • Name
  • Counterparty
  • Effective Date
  • Termination Date
  • Tags

Clicking Actions will allow you to do more. Like add specialized columns to your Folder View, or email a report.

Upload a Contract to ContractSafe

To upload a contract to ContractSafe you can either choose a file, drag or drop a file, or email a file to the email address above.

Note: To forward an email, make sure that you delete the FW: in the subject line and after the subject type in Folder=______ (in the blank fill in the folder you wish to save the contract in)


3/4/2020 Zoom Training


Supporting Documents

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ContractSafe Instructions and Best Practices

Quick Start Guide - PDF