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Fiscal Year 2023 RESOURCE PAGE

Welcome to the Budget & Planning ALA Fiscal Year 2023 resource and instruction page


Below you will find links to the most widely used resource documents that will help you develop your FY23 budgets within Prophix.

Please call with questions,

Brad Geene, Director, Budgeting & Planning

New (August 2022)! Library of Prophix Training Videos and Slides can be viewed at any time on the ALA Share drive at:

S:\Management\UnitManagers\Prophix Budget and Performance Report Training

I. Prophix Basics

II. Managers' Monthly Performance Reports

III. Budgeting Non-salary lines

IV. Budgeting Salary Expense




Below you will find links related to:

>  FY23 Budget Process, Instructions, Timeline & Assumptions (word document)

> Endowment LTI 20 Qtr Rolling Average and up to 5.0% Payout for FY23

> Capital Request Form FY23 (with Depreciation math example)

> FY23 Divisional Overhead Rates by Revenue Account (26.5% full, 13.25% half)

> Chart of Accounts


Personnel Expense Budgeting at ALA

Instructions for budgeting your Unit's staff within the Prophix budgeting system.

FY23 Budget Instructions for Unit Managers

Contains FY23 Assumptions, Timelines and Overhead rates by Account as well as Annual Cycle overview.

FY23 Budget Process Timeline & Assumptions

Includes template lock\unlock dates, Prophix refresher training sessions, and Preliminary FY22 Budget presentation dates to BARC and F&A. Assumptions presented to BARC at Midwinter.

Endowment LTI 20 Qtr Rolling Average and up to 5.0% Payout FY23

Used to budget the allowable endowment spending\payout calculated based on 5.0% of the average of the last 20 quarters of performance.  Budget in Fund 12 or 13 in Account 5904 as a negative (e.g. expense reduction in Month = August 2020).  Payout is determined by the Endowment Trustees, revisited annually. For questions regarding your individual endowments please reach out to Keith Brown at x4255.

Capital Asset Request Form FY23

New! Includes mathematical example of how a capital purchase (which ALA will own for many years) is reflected as an operating expense in the budget. The operating portion is a fraction of the total cost of the asset.

Depreciation will be loaded into your FY23 Budget Template. (pending Unit data from Accounting)

FY23 Divisional Overhead Rates by Revenue Account

For FY23 the full rate is 26.5% and half-rate is 13.25% as applicable for type of revenue. See attached for line by line guidance.


Chart of Accounts

Fund - Unit - Account - Project definitions (e.g. 11-550-5110-0000)



Why can't I enter data in the Budget Template and what does "Dimension spread has been disabled in the template" mean?

Click the drop-down menu to the correct Unit_Project combo.  Data can only sit at the 4-digit project level.  Your 3-digit Unit number is the sum of all projects.  This is very easy to forget and especially so for the managers with only one project number.  Just click the drop-down to your desired project (e.g. 0000) and begin to type, then save.

When I am entering data in the Prophix template, a pop-up asks how I want to spread the data.  What is the difference between spread-evenly and spread based on existing data for the current member combination?

Spread evenly will simply place 1/12th of your value in each of the 12 months of the fiscal year, September to August.  Whereas, spread based on existing data for the current member combination will calculate how a previously entered amount is prorated across the months and apply those exact same monthly prorations to the value you are now entering.  This choice is not applicable and will deliver an error message if this is the first time you are entering a value.

Why do I at times have 2 Prophix icons on my desktop - one with a "z" and one with a short-cut arrow?

Use the icon with the "z".  Prophix works best with the Internet Explorer (IE) web browser.  However, not every user has IE as their default browser of choice.  The icon with the "z" is an ITTS Novell network setting that pushes the software to use IE.  The other shortcut is generated by Prophix onto your desktop.