Adobe Connect System Reqs Test Link

System requirements can be found here:

Common Questions:

What technology does everyone need to be able to present in the webinar?


Do I need a microphone? Is there software to install??

Presenters will need a microphone; preferably with a headset.

There is an Add-in that installs on your computer to connect the audio in the room, so an Internet connection is required.

They will need Flash Player running on their system.

Will my presenters be able to test their software?

Yes, they can test their computer for compatibility at this link:

Are my speakers able to use a PowerPoint presentation?

Yes, Adobe converts the PowerPoint into a viewable presentation, but you should check animations and transitions, some may be lost in the conversion.

They can also present from PDF if they choose.

The blurb at the bottom of all Adobe Connect invites is also pasted below in case they want an overview of what it can do:

If you've never used Adobe Connect, get a quick overview: