Accounts Payable

Updated 1/13/2023

Accounts Payable - General guidelines and policies:

The Accounts Payable process is decentralized at ALA with Unit Management.

The Unit Manager receives invoices. The Unit Manager reviews and ascertains the accuracy and timeliness of receipt of invoices. The unit must promptly secure invoices for the month; if not received by the 5th working day of the following month, the Unit Manager will contact the vendor to obtain them. This practice ensures accuracy and adherence to the matching principle of Accounting.

Invoices are to be entered into the Airtable daily, and the Unit approvals are timely cured and no later than weekly. The Accounts payable cutoff for the prior month's invoices is on Unit Manger's Outlook calendar each 15th of the following month. This cutoff is the absolute latest for inclusion in the month-end financial reports.

No invoices will be paid by ALA employees and later reimbursed through Concur. Accounting will only pay invoices through our ERP, Great Plains.

Employee reimbursements are only for purchases of items related to travel and entertainment and small incidental items such as supplies provided your supervisor pre-approved the purchase.

ALA is a tax-exempt sales entity; where applicable, no sales tax is to be paid.